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A Young Gun at the Poker Table, the Saga of a Champion Player: Erik Lindgren

Every once in a while I am asked, “who are these guys I see on TV winning all that money? Who are these players, where do they live? What are their backgrounds?” So I thought I would take a quick look at one of the best up-and-comers (some say he is already there), Erik Lindgren. […]

Second Robber Arrested, Charged with Taking Part in Berlin Poker Tournament Heist

A few days after one of the robbers turned himself in for the Poker Stars European Poker Tour-Berline heist, a second suspect was charged and arrested. Someone was talking to the cops, because 20 year-old Ahmad el-Awayti was spotted in a subway station, according to the Associated Press. Police said he acknowledged to officers that […]

High Drama at German Poker Tournament; Armed Robbers Steal $1.1 Million

Did you see what happened in Germany recently? When armed robbers hit a Berlin hotel where a poker tournament was happening and stole $1.1 million? Much of it was actually caught on tape. One report said the gang – armed with assault rifles and hand grenades – made off with the tournament jackpot of 800,000 […]

State of Play: Will Florida OK Online Poker?

Could it be that someday…and perhaps soon… online poker will be legal? Fact is…amazing things happen legislatively, when states are up tight for revenue. Obviously, legislators HATE to raise taxes. Those who do lose their jobs, eventually. So what is to be done? Tax gambling. Well OK… here is what is going down. A federal […]

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