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The Poker Wars Between Online Casinos Heats Up. And Guess What? Players are the Winners

Ain’t competition great? I mean, without competition and the need to outdo each other…in trying to attract players to their web sites, we wouldn’t have innovations like RUSH POKER, the latest from Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilk Poker, of course, and their rival web site, PokerStars, are fighting it out for your dollars. And we […]

Playing Poker for Haiti: Bravo to the Folks at Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet

I think this is really cool and is worth blogging about. I know I always write about winners or tournaments, but this week I feel like I have to point out the good things that Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet are doing for the people in Haiti. Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet are hosting a […]

2010 Poker Stars: Who Will Shine in the Spotlight? Some Fast Guesswork

Now that we’re almost two weeks into 2010 I’ve been researching some of the new players you might be seeing on the WSOP circuit. Future stars, as it were. I like Tom Dwan to have a good year. He has been a winner in the past. Almost dominant. But now he has a new sponsorship […]

NBC’s Poker After Dark Show Scheduling Up in the Air; Will it be Moved to 2:35 a.m.?

Due to some reshuffling at NBC, that network’s late night poker show, Poker After Dark, could find itself airing even later than it does now or not airing at all. Are you addicted to the NBC TV show Poker After Dark, like I am? The show…for those who don’t know…airs after Carson Daly’s late, late […]

Waiting for WSOP to Resume? Try This Regional Event While You Gear Up for the New Season

I already miss WSOP events. I know, the season is only a few months over in Vegas. So what’s a poker watching junkie to do while waiting for things to resume? Check out some circuit events. Winner of some of the main events on the circuit get entry to the WSOP main event in Vegas. […]

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