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Money Isn’t Everything in Poker

With all the huge sums of money being offered for the pot in poker games, would you still believe that poker isn’t all about money? Seems hard to do but yes, not all professional players are after the bucks. If you’re one who’s earned so much in this popular card game for quite some […]

Are Energy Drinks Worth It?

Poker may not require much physical activity but this game sure needs a lot of concentration, patience and energy. It’s a game of the mind and strategy and it’s a misconception that poker players don’t need a great amount of energy to be able to show their best performance. Just like the body, the mind […]

Poker Sites Unite to Promote Card Game

When several poker sites join forces, what is bound to happen? A booming poker market, of course. This is the aim of PokerNews.com, PokerPT.com, PokerPoquer.com, PokerDoBrasil.com and AmericanFlop.com when they formed a strategic alliance a few days ago. The goal of this group is to help improve the poker markets in Brazil, Portugal, Spain and […]

Women Poker Stars Join Reality Show

People can get into different sports as they wish. You’ve read about sports stars in the world of tennis, golf and swimming trying their luck in the game of poker. Now, poker stars are out to prove that they can do other events as well outside of their usual circle. Two well known female professional […]

Never play poker with your cat

I thought this was an amusing photo my wife sent me from the site “I Can Has Cheez Burger“.  I think cats would make much better poker players than dogs.  They are much more conniving and fearless.

New Poker TV Show Goes on Air

Poker enthusiasts now have a new show to watch every week. Face the Ace finally premiered on NBC last Saturday. The show has a unique approach in that it features an amateur poker player playing against a pro. The pros playing here are Full Tilt stars such as Phil Ivey, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson, Erick Lindgren, […]

Recent Winners at Jackpotjoy Bingo Tell Their Stories

Because Jackpotjoy is the UK’s favourite bingo site there’s over 2.5 million members and a brand new winner every 2 seconds! Here a are just a handful of some of the players who’ve won massive piles of cash playing Jackpotjoy Bingo: David W was one smitten kitten when he bagged himself £12,017 with Jackpotjoy Bingo […]

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