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Danish Poker Players Urged to Pay Tax

Responsible citizens of any country should pay their taxes promptly. Big income earners should all the more be responsible in paying their taxes to their respective governments. It is never a good attitude to ignore your obligations. In Denmark, poker players are among the people required to pay taxes on their winnings. The countrys tax […]

Does Golf and Poker Click Together?

The games of golf and poker both require concentration and mental skills. But can they really go together? This was the challenge posed by Dusty Leatherass Schmidt when he proposed a $1 million prop bet for a game of golf and poker. The huge prize money was up for grabs to any player who can […]

Improving Mental Prowess Crucial in Poker

Some sports require physical skills but there are also games that need mental agility. Golf requires a lot of concentration and so does the popular card game of poker. Poker is not all about luck. Mental skills have a lot to with a players success as proven by many professional and famous players. For this […]

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