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World Series of Poker Imposes New Rules

Being a professional poker player with a name to reckon with does not give you the freedom to say whatever you want to say in front of other players, spectators and on international television. Bad mouthing is never a positive behavior and one that should not be emulated by other people. This conduct unbecoming of […]

2009 WSOP Introduces New Events

The World Series of Poker this year offers some new perks for diehard poker players. Hopes are high that the WSOP will be a success despite doubts on whether it can surpass the 2008 series with its record number of entries and the multimillion dollar prizes at stake in the 55 events. The 2009 series […]

Paris Hilton Offered New Bentley

When youre young, rich and famous, you can do just about anything you want to do. This is true not only in the movies but even in real life. Just take the case of Hollywood celebrity and heiress Paris Hilton. This young lady has hogged the headlines in recent years being involved in a variety […]

Phelps Hits a Pair

News of the World: Michael Phelps wants to be a poker champ, according to one of the girls he had a threesome with. She also says that Phelps is a crybaby when he drinks. This is hardly the skill of a champ poker player. Phelps may have what it takes to be a playa, just […]

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