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New Poker Run to Hit the Streets

I know what youre thinking. I know very well, too, that the popular game of poker is best played in casinos or on the internet. So how then can it be taken to the streets? Actually, its not just about playing poker but its all about supporting a worthy endeavor. If youre an animal lover, […]

Poker Bill in Texas Gets the Nod

Isnt it that the Texas Holdem poker game should be freely be played in the place where it started? Should be but its just not the case in the past. Theres good news, though, for poker fans in Texas and this should really be a reason to party. Fortunately, a bill aimed at expanding the […]

Costliest Book on Poker

If you fancy poker and would like to learn more about playing this famous card game, then maybe youd want to buy a book. Theres a new poker book entitled Let There Be Range but the price may surprise you. Each book costs a $1,850 making it the most expensive book on poker. The book […]

$1M at Stake for Big Poker Challenge

Theres a big challenge right now in the poker world that will put up $1 million as the grand prize. The target audience include none other than U.S. President Barack Obama and members of the U.S. Congress as well as professional poker players. BluefirePoker.com, the training site of Phil Galfond, is organizing the challenge to […]

Poker Sites at Risk of Being Banned in Australia

Australia is known for its top sports players in different fields including poker. It also plays hosts to various championships every year. But while it is home to different kinds of sports, Australia is now getting the flak for a perceived anti-democratic action against online poker sites. The latest buzz is that the Australian government […]

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