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willing to take the gamble that poker is a skill?

According to this article posted a few days ago, a Colorado court has ruled that poker is a game of skill and is therefore not gambling. The defendants in the case were cleared of charges related to illegal gambling for running a private poker game. By trotting out testimony of the amount of skill relative […]

fun little game: Werewolf

This is a really cool little group game that uses a deck of cards. It’s a fun little respite during a night of poker playing. Poker groups are ideal for two reasons. First, because 10 people is just about the perfect number of players and second because it makes great practice for reading people’s facial […]

DPP (Dogs Playing Poker)

I’m always curious about the origins of odd little bits of popular culture, especially when they relate specifically to things I like. So when I was thinking about pop culture references to poker, this was one of the first things I thought of. Everybody has seen these pictures but few know where they came from. […]

Old Timey Cards

I was looking around at sundry poker paraphenalia online and these caught my eye. I just bought a deck for myself and thought I’d share them. At unclesgames.com they are selling a set of 1864 civil war style palying cards. I’ve always been a sucker for old timey motiffs, even if they are a bit […]

Tiffany Michelle

I was up late the other night watching reruns of the last few tables at the WSOP. Her appearance there certainly made this young lady the female face of poker. What will the effect of that be? Is she in a position to advance women in proffessional poker? She ruffled quit a few feathers at […]

Poker Resolutions for ’09

Personally, I hate the idea of new years resolutions. They are nothing but false promises to oneself that the individual has no real stake in actually achieving in the first place. If there was something that momentous that needed to be done they would already have done it. There would be a real, actionable plan […]

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