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how to ring out that rag

Here’s a little discussion of how one might be able to get some mileage out of the rag ace that was so disparaged in the last post. There are times when it can pay off; the trick is recognizing those situations and disabusing oneself of thinking that it is a generally good hand. For reasons […]

The “Rag Ace” problem

This is a big problem for players that have learned to play primarily from friendly home games. It’s a bad habit that, if carried over to casino play – as bad habits tend to stick around – can cost a lot in the long run without even knowing why.

The Will to Poker

Who is this mustachioed gentleman gracing a poker blog? He is not a famous gambler of old. The ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche – one of the most influential philosophers in the last two hundred years – can pretty much be interpreted as having application everywhere, including poker. He gets a bad rap because his writings […]

The Best Poker Song

No, it is not The Gambler. My personal favorite poker song is The Card Cheat by The Clash From their seminal album London Calling, this song is a great example of what a great band The Clash was. They were as punk as any british street kid but weren’t confined by the standards of the […]

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