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Don’t get stuck in a Rut

Everybody has their own playing style. It’s like a fingerprint. Its something that is dictated by ones own personality as well as their personal poker playing history. but, that doesn’t mean it can’t change and it is especially important to use the perception of a particular style (or lack thereof) to its best advantage. Good […]

Pokertron: Rise of the Machines

Here is the sequal to a post from several months back. Check it out here. It seems that Micheal Bowling (pictured below) and his team of computer scientists from the University of Alberta are the new team to beat in Vegas. They have vastly improved their program Polaris. It now has the ability to consistently […]

Obama’s position on gambling

So there is finally new president on his way into the White House. He is going to have a litany of problems to deal with and I’m sure one of the most trivial will be regulating gambling. But it is of some concern to us so lets take a look at what sorts of things […]

Trailer Park Casino

They may seem silly or inane, but bumbling criminal stories are funny. Two men in Greenwood Mississippi were caught running illegal video poker machines out of a trailer. Link to the article here It’s no major felony, just a misdemeanor. What’s funny though is that someone called the police to inform them what was going […]


for those of you who are just getting home from work around now and your tired and thinking about just staying in for the night, please don’t. Get out and vote while you still have the chance. I know its late and you may be thinking that your vote doesn’t really matter much in the […]

What happened to Baccarat?

Gone are the days of the dapper, dashing James Bond. in the 60’s and 70’s Jimbo would be in command of every situation, never get a smudge on his suit, and only engage in the classiest activities.  That’s why he played the high brow, gentleman’s game of baccarat. Now we have…

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