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This is a poker variant that, for people who don’t play online, may be unfamiliar. Badugi has become more popular in America only recently. It can be found primarily online. I have never seen it in Atlantic City. From what I can find scouring the internet, it is very rare to find brick and mortar […]

clovers, tiles, and leaves

I think its high time I dropped some multiculturalism on you readers out there. Did you know that not everybody in the world does things the way American’s do? Shocking I know, but even when it comes to cards, there are cultural differences. In my chosen profession, I have the good fortune of meeting more […]

DAMN I’m a stud!

That’s right, stud poker is once again the object of inquiry here on poker moments. I have said many times before that the first serious poker games I played were 7-card stud and it stands to this day as one of my favorites. I read an interesting little article that reminded me of some of […]

Who has a better poker face?

I think last night’s debate showed that the obvious answer is Barrak Obama. Sorry for another only mildly poker related post so soon, but I would be remiss if I did not use my one and only bullhorn to a mass audience in an election as important as this. Last night’s debate really showed how […]

Apparently, things are more random in The Netherlands

or maybe their poker players simply aren’t as good. A Mathematics professor in The Netherlands is arguing the status of poker under Dutch law according to this article. The Dutch Betting and Gaming Act recognizes poker as a “game of chance” on par with other casino games. It is not clearly stated in the article […]

The Metagame – some greek shit

This concept is another important aspect of poker; indeed, it’s crucial for any game that is to be taken seriously. The nature of poker, however, gives it even more weight. Everyone interacts with the metagame to some extent, though the very best players are conciously aware of it and understand its ins and outs as […]

Look out Danny Ocean, you’re not the only con in town

Unfortunately for this motley group of would be casino scammers, they did not make out quite so well as Mr. Clooney and  Mr. Pitt did in the Ocean’s 11 films. Four men were recently indicted in an attempted high stakes theft in the Borgata Casino/Hotel according to this article from PressofAtlanticCity.com. Apparently the foursome attempted […]

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