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Pokertron 9000

How would you like to be staring a cross the felt at an opponent witha mountain of chips, but instead of it being a smirking, arrogant person, you find that your getting taken out to the cleaners by this… OK, maybe there is no reason to be that dramatic but its the first image that […]

The Poker Know-It-All

I hadn’t played any home games in a very long time. The guys that I first got into poker with when we were young teenagers had stopped getting together for a while so I was left without a fun home game atmosphere to indulge in. But recently, they have started up again, although still infrequently […]

Poker in the limelight

I was thinking recently about how poker becoming televised has affected the game. I don’t mean the community at large. Obviously that has changed a great deal. I never even knew of a professional poker circuit before ESPN started making a big deal out of the world series. The number of players and spectators is […]

Women in Poker

This article (The “Ladies” Event at the World Series of Poker) is a bit old (last month) but it raises some questions that transcend poker that are no less relevant. Basically, the author highlights the fact that men cannot be excluded from the women’s championship at the world series of poker. Casinos are no more able […]

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