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Gamesmanship! What poker players do already

I read a hilarious book recently. In this wonderfully short and easy to read little text will be all the advice one will need to scandalously defeat an opponent mentally without him even realizing it. No, it is not an in depth treatise on the psychology of the bluff or how to read/telegraph mannerisms. It […]

Shatner… part deux

In this post I will relate the card table demeanor of the shat man himself. I think this picture is a pretty good encapsulation of it…

Casinos or Poker Rooms?

  Above pictured you see Atlantic City, gambling mecca of the Northeast. It does not have the glits and glamour reputation of Las Vegas. But, for the working man playing poker who doesn’t have a big enough name or reputation to get on ESPN or cameos in movies, this is poker city.

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