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5 reasons why I didn’t like 21

  Last night my wife and I went to the opening of 21, the movie based on Ben Mezrich’s book “Bringing Down the House”.   We were looking forward to the movie.   My wife had written a very positive review of “Bringing Down the House”, a book that she and I both enjoyed a lot.   She had done […]

PokerMoments on Glamorati

The poker post I wrote about Nick Schulman made it on Glamorati. Glamorati is a site where YOU find interesting stories about famous people (i.e. the glamorati) and then create funny/clever headlines that would go with them. Think Fark for celebrities. It’s a little different than Fark, because it focuses only famous people and like […]

PurePlay – a way to play poker for real money, but without the risk

  A friend just sent me a link to this site called PurePlay.  You can win money playing poker, but you don’t have to deposit any of your own money, which means that it is legal to do.  How is this possible?  I haven’t downloaded the application, but I suspect that the format is similar to […]

Trailer of Movie 21, based on Ben Mezrich’s Book “Bringing Down the House”

You read the book review of “Bringing Down the House” here. You read the interview with Ben Mezrich here. And now you can enjoy the trailer of the movie 21 here at PokerMoments. You might be wondering why 21 wasn’t called “Bringing Down the House”, since it was based on Ben Mezrich’s fun book of […]

Is Baseball Orel Hershiser A Poker Phenom?

  Orel Hershiser, winner of the 1988 Cy Young and the World Series MVP, who in that year set a major league record with 59 consecutive scoreless innings pitched, now has another record to boast about.  This one, however, is in poker.   As reported in the Las Vegas Sun, Hershiser got to the quarterfinals of the National Heads-Up Poker Championship, […]

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