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Learning About Bluffing in Poker from Playing Pool – An Interesting Story About Nick Schulman

  I just read a story in the New York Post about this 21-year old guy named Nick Schulman, who won $2 million by winning the 2005 World Poker Tour finals at Foxwoods Casino.  Two things in this story piqued my attention.  One, Schulman is thinking about going back to college to study philosophy.   A […]

How A Kitten Can Get You To Vegas

So how can a kitten get you to Vegas?  What’s going through your mind? Win a kitty? No, you don’t have to win the whole pot. A sex kitten? No, Bridget Bardot won’t be calling you to join her at the Mirage. Pussy Cat Dolls? No, PCD doesn’t need a new member in their group. […]

Top 5 Poker Quotes From Rounders

  I finally saw Rounders (1998) last night.  It was a good poker movie.  There were, however, a couple of weak scenes.  For example, Mike McDermott, played by Matt Damon, is supposed to be this brilliant poker player.  But he looks pretty amatuerish in the opening scene, when he loses all his money in one hand to this guy […]

Software Bug at Betfair Poker

Remember that software bug at JonWoodGaming, the one that helped me win a lot of money. Seems like a similar bug has hit Betfair Poker. Below is an abbreviated version of the story. It was written by Alistair Osborne. The original story was reported by the Telegraph.co.uk. The real story is that several bored poker […]

3 Reasons Why I Could Never Vote For Obama

PokerMoments is a poker blog, not a political blog, and hence not generally in the business of making political statements. However, as Barack Obama moves past Hillary Clinton in the primaries, and could very well become the Democratic Presidential Nominee for 2008, I feel compelled to add my two cents into the political pot. While […]

Barack Obama: Like Jefferson When It Comes To Gambling – Like Truman When It Comes To Poker

  I just read a brief piece about Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama in The New Yorker called Aces by James McManus.   It was about Obama’s interest in the game of poker, even though he has been opposed to expanded legalized gambling.  McManus points out that there have been a number of American presidents who were fans […]

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