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Do Indian-Americans Play Poker?

Stephen Dubner, one of the authors of Freakonomics, asked an interesting question:  Whenever I see a poker tournament on TV or wander through a casino, I am always struck by a particular absence: there seem to be very few Indian-Americans playing poker. Considering that there are so many Indians of poker age in this country who […]

Ultimate Bet No Deposit Bonus with YourPokerCash

Last night I lost all my no deposit bonus money that I got to play at Ultimate Bet, an online room that Phil Hellmuth plays at.  Through YourPokerCash I got $50 to play on the site.  In addition to this $50, which I received in my UB account after about 5 business days, I was eligible to earn additional money […]

Poker Players Alliance in Congress: Listen to it here on PokerMoments

  Today on NPR there was an interesting piece about the Poker Players Alliance. They’re out there fighting for poker, lobbying Congress to get them to change their minds about their ridiculous position about online poker. We’ve got some politicians on our side. You get to hear Barry Greenstein speak truth to power. It’s definitely […]

A Clip of Online Poker Cheating at Absolute Poker

What would it be like if you could see everyone else’s cards? Now those would be cool superhuman powers. Here’s a YouTube clip of a hacker (aka POTRIPPER) who sort of had these powers. This guy took advantage of a security flaw in the online poker room AbsolutePoker and allegedly stole between $400,000 and $700,000 […]

YourPokerCash – A site with some tantalizing no deposit offers for poker

Check out this site called YourPokerCash.  It has some inviting no deposit offers for poker.  I’ve signed up with two of the four free offers, one with the online poker room Ultimate Bet and the other with the online poker room Full Tilt.  They are both open to US players.   If I’m approved for either bonus, then I get […]

Looking for a Poker Blogger – Want to be the Poker Guy for PokerMoments?

  PokerMoments is looking for someone to blog about poker.  There’s some money involved, but it’s not a lot.  Keep in mind there’s more to blogging than the money, e.g. the chance to express yourself, improve your writing skills, be part of a community, etc. I’ve had a couple people blog for PokerMoments and they wrote excellent posts.  For some […]

Steven Lubet on Luck in Poker

                                                                         “In poker, it is often said that lucky breaks keep suckers at the table.” [A quote from Steven Lubet’s book Lawyer’s Poker: 52 Lessons that Lawyers Can Learn from Card Players]  There’s a story that Niels Bohr, the famous Physicist, had a horse shoe over his desk.  One day a student asked if he really […]

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