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Gambling Problem? No Sex For You (And Other Disasters In Your Family)

We know the problem-gambler gets into trouble. But how does his (it’s usually a man) behavior affect everyone around him? Research is beginning to show that pathological gambling contributes to chaos and dysfunction in families, affecting spouses and partners, kids, parents, siblings, employers, and co-workers. Pathological Gambling Runs in Families 10% of family members of […]

“Tips and Tricks”

Daily Blog Tips had this project where bloggers would submit links to articles that talk about “Tips and Tricks” about whatever.   The project has ended (I wish I had submitted some of my poker tips for no-limit hold’em, eg. here and here),and now it’s time to vote on the best entries.  Here are my top three […]

Here’s What Lawyers and Poker Players Have In Common: Interview with Steve Lubet

I’m not a lawyer, nor a poker player, and don’t even have much interest in these topics.  So I figured I would sooner win the World Series of Poker than enjoy Lawyer’s Poker: 52 Lessons that Lawyers Can Learn from Card Players (see Suber’s review).  But surprise, surprise.  It’s one of my favorite books this year!! So […]

Lawyer’s Poker: 52 Lessons that Lawyers Can Learn from Card Players.

     Steven Lubet is a lawyer who’s also a Professor of Law at Northwestern University.  He’s written a book titled Lawyer’s Poker: 52 Lessons that Lawyers Can Learn from Card Players.  Both Sparky and I really enjoyed it.  I couldn’t put it down.  It’s fun, interesting, informative and says some insightful, intelligent things about luck, one of my favorite […]

$20,000 No Limit Hold’em Team Tournament at the Borgata: The Worst Form of Poker

  So I got home from Atlantic City at 4:30am this morning and had to be on the road to a client in Delaware at 7:00. I’m tired. And I’m disappointed in the outcome of the tournament I was in last night. To vent some frustration and keep myself awake I’ll give you a brief […]

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