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True Or False… 1 Out Of 100 ER Visits Are For Gambling Problems

Heart attack?  Gun shot wound?  Appendicitis?  You’ll probably hurry on down to your local emergency room.  But how about for gambling? A recent study out of Canada looked at visits by problem gamblers (PG) to an emergency room near Quebec’s largest casino.  Interesting stats… Who came to the ER?  3 times as many men came in […]

PokerMoments Interview with Force O Will

  Today’s treat is an interview with professional poker player Force O Will.  Who is Force O Will?  I’ll let you figure this one out.  Trust me, this player is the real deal.  His answers to my questions below are anything but uninformative, as he gives a lot of valuable poker information, and some of the best advice I’ve ever seen on how to become […]

The New Poker Guy: A New Writer for PokerMoments

  PokerMoments has a new writer, someone who knows a lot about poker, and definitely a lot more about poker than I do.  In particular, this new writer knows a lot about the mathematics of poker.  So if you have any questions about poker, especially mathematically related questions, click on the link at the top of PokerMoments that says “Ask […]

Cheating at Poker: Ricky Jay Bottom Dealing

When I was a kid I was so impressed by Ricky Jay’s ability to throw cards. Now I’m again impressed by his ability to cheat at cards. In this video he shows us how easy it is to be cheated at poker.

Homer’s Poker Face

I put on my Homer socks and went and saw the Simpson’s movie. It was ok, nothing special, not as good as a typical 30 minute episode. If you want to read a great review of the movie, check out this August 6 review by John Podhoretz.

How Poker Can Make You Hotter

Who wants to be hotter in August?  Has PokerMoments gone rabid in the summer heat??? No, we’re simply not talking about the temperature outside. We’re just letting you know about a certain contest involving a certain kind of poker.  Can you guess what kind of poker can make you hotter?  Try to guess, before you click on […]

My Issues with John Markoff’s Article: In Poker Match Against a Machine, Humans Are Better Bluffers

                                                                             I’m a little disappointed with a July 26 article from the NYTimes, written by John Markoff, titled “In Poker Match Against a Machine, Humans Are Better Bluffers“.  According to the article, on July 25th, Phil Laak (aka the Unabomber – see pic above from NYTimes – go here and see a pic of his professional poker-playing […]

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