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Important Neteller Member Update!!!!!!

                                                                                 Neteller will start the process for the distribution of US funds by July 30th, 2007.  US members will be notified by email  when the process begins.   American players have until January 26, 2008 to get their money out of Neteller.  This means that I will be $284.06 richer.  Happy days are here again.  When I get […]

Blindsight and Betting: An Experiment by Persaud, McLeod and Cowey

Blindsight is a strange brain/mind condition that philosophers like to discuss in the context of discussions about consciousness.  People with blindsight have a problem with their visual cortex, and as a result are “blind” in an area of their visual field, what is called a scotoma.   Why do I put the word “blind” in quotation marks?  It is because these blindsighted people claim […]

How Much Luck as a Factor Does the Polaris Experiment Really Eliminate?

                                                                           On July 23 and 24, the poker-playing computer named Polaris, will play against two humans, Phil Laak and Phil (aka the Unabomber) Laak and Ali Eslami.  I’ve written about this match here and here.  One of the interesting features of this heads-up poker duel between a computer and a human is that it is designed […]

Jonathan Schaeffer Answers 2 Questions About Polaris the Poker Bot

                                                                                    Yesterday I wrote a post about the upcoming Texas Hold’em match (July 23 and 24) between Polaris, the  poker-playing computer programmed by the computer science team at University of Alberta, and two humans, Phil Laak and Ali Eslami.  The post received a question from Sparky about where the name ‘Polaris’ comes from.  I couldn’t find an answer to this […]

What Does it Mean if Computers are Better at Poker than Humans?

                                                                             Poker is like real life.  You have to make decisions on the basis of imperfect knowledge and you often have to bluff in order to achieve your goals.   One might think that computers cannot do these things, or at least do these things as well as humans can.   On July 23 and 24, we […]

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