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Two Noteworthy Stories Concerning Neteller

                                                                       Neteller used to provide payment services to online gambling Web sites.  I used the company to transfer money in and out of online poker rooms.   After the American government cracked down on online poker and Neteller’s two founders were arrested, Neteller stopped dealing with online poker rooms.  They also froze the deposits of American players, which meant that they […]

Casino, feel the excitement of casino without having to abandon your pc

A casino is one of the most exciting and more controversial sports that one can find in the city. Inside casino buildings, you will find endless rows of slot machines and roulette tables filled with people placing bets all day and all night. For hardcore gamblers, the thrill of playing in casino halls is unmatched. […]

Here’s How To Avoid The Dreaded Fat-Ass Disease When You Sit And Play Poker All Day

You sit, sit, sit, while you play poker, and your ass spreads, spreads, spreads, right? Well here’s how one university (which shall remain nameless) has solved this problem… ANNUAL POKER WALK The event is in honor of National Employee Health & Fitness Day.  The ad describes, “This is a 1.5 mile fun walk around campus. […]

The Gambler’s Fallacy

                                                                          In Poker and Philosophy: Pocket Rockets and Philosopher Kings, edited by Eric Bronson, and published by Open Court, there is an essay by Gregory Bassham and Marc Marchese titled “Don’t Play on Tilt!  Avoiding Seven Costly Critical Thinking Errors in Poker“.  As the title of the essay suggests, it is about seven types of […]

You’re Addicted To Gambling – Now What? Part III: Medication Treatment

Today is the last post in our 3-part series on pathological gambling (PG).  (Here are Post #1 and #2).  Today we’ll look at Medication Treatment for PG. 3 classes of medication have been found to help PG. Opioid Antagonists These medications, like Naltrexone, work the same way that they do with heroin addiction.  The medication […]

You’re Addicted To Gambling – Now What? Part II: Psychological Treatment

This is the 2nd post in our 3-part series on pathological gambling (PG).  (Here’s Post #1.)  Today we’ll look at the treatment for gambling. Treatment is divided into psychological treatment and medication treatment.  One of the most important interventions before treating the actual gambling problem is figuring out if there are also “co-existing” disorders. We know […]

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