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Finding Time For Poker

We hear lots of stories about poker and gambling addiction, but in this fast-paced society, what we hear much less of is the epidemic that we might call “no time for a poker moment” – you know exactly what I’m talking about! Those of us who are full time professionals, with the responsibilities of home […]

The Poker Guy Answers Two Questions

                                                             I received two questions from readers: Question  #1: I have two sixes in my hand, my son has Jack 10 and the flop comes Ace, Jack, Six. The turn comes a Jack and the River comes a 10. Who wins? In this case your son wins on the river with Jacks full of 10’s, which beats […]

How Creepy-Crawly Legs Can Cause Gambling Addiction

I previously wrote about the interesting phenomenom of pathological gambling developing in Parkinsons patients who were taking medications called dopamine agonists, which increase dopamine in certain places in your brain.  A study in the journal Neurology now finds that when these medications are used by people with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), the same pathological gambling can develop, even when lower […]

High Stakes Poker – Season 1 – Episode 1 – Part 1

Poker Tattoos – The Nuts

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