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PokerMoments Interview with Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is a top professional poker player. I’ve never met him, but I have friends who know his family.  Anytime the topic of poker would come up in a conversation, they’d tell me about Ben’s poker exploits, how he was fast becoming a poker star. These same friends got me in touch with Ben (thanks C and C), who kindly […]

Professional Poker Player – Ben Johnson

   In a few days, PokerMoments will be posting an interview with Ben Johnson, one of the top American pro poker players.  At present, Ben is in LA at the Commerce Casino.  He is playing some cash games and some of the preliminary LA Poker Classic tournament.  Check out the action – L.A. Poker Classic Event #22 – $2500 […]

Casino opens – will GA meetings be more crowded?

Interesting study about what’s happens to rates of gambling and problem gambling when a new casino opens. Jacques and Lanouceur of Laval University in Quebec looked at the rates of gambling and problem gambling in a small town of 800 in Quebec which opened a casino, compared to another small town without a casino. Not […]

Loss Aversion: What to do about it?

I have written about loss aversion before.  It is the irrational tendency that people have to prefer avoiding losses rather than acquiring gains.  I know I have this problem, which becomes highlighted when I play poker.  I’m sure that if I could deal with it better, I would become a much better poker player. Why do […]

US Poker Player Sites

There are still a few online poker rooms where Americans can play for real money.  I’m waiting to receive a $50 bonus from a site called YourPokerCash to play at Absolute Poker.  I’ve been waiting for over a week, so I’m beginning to become suspicious of the legitimacy of YourPokerCash.  It might be another LTD Poker or […]

Japanese Pickle Poker

You should definitely check out this online flash game called Japanese Pickle Poker. Japanese Pickle Poker

Poker stress? Need to relax??

The losses.  The drinking.  The tough decisions – bet or fold … bet or fold … bet or fold.  Am I addicted?  Will I loose my #*!&* NETELLER $$? Do you need to RELAX because of poker stress?? In line with my previous post about the decadence of Vegas, here are some ways to take easing your stress to […]

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