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Happy New Year – Looking back and looking forward

My friend and I bought PokerMoments in May of 2006.  Not counting my wife’s engagement ring, it has been the best investment I’ve ever made. 🙂 I began posting on the site on May 24th, 2006.  Since then I figure I’ve written around 40 posts, not bad from a guy who doesn’t like to write.  But I don’t deserve all […]

Questions for Jennifer Brown, aka “The Poker Bitch”

In January I plan on doing another interview with professional poker player Jennifer Brown, aka “The Poker Bitch.  I’ve already interviewed her once, and I received positive feedback from readers for it, so I thought why not a second interview.  And Jennifer has been gracious enough to agree to one. Here are some questions that I’m thinking […]

Poker and Philosophy: “Avoiding Seven Costly Thinking Errors in Poker” (Loss Aversion)

Suppose you had to pick one of the following two options: (A) A guaranteed $1,000,000 or (B) A %10 chance of getting $2,500,000, an %89 of getting $1,000,000, and a %1 chance of getting $0. Which option would you pick?

Besides wild stories, your MONEY will be another thing staying in Vegas

So let’s say you sell off all those Christmas Starbucks gift certificates and exchange your kids’ Hanukah gelt for real $$, and head to Vegas for New Years.  What to do, besides play poker??  (I’d encourage you, instead, to contribute to Heifer International or The Nature Conservancy, but that’s another post…)  Let’s say there’s a lot […]

Making It Happen: Poker site organization, navigation and content

In the first article in our Starting and Running a Poker Site series we discussed the first steps for planning your new poker website. After reading through that article, you should have a basic understanding of picking the name and general focus of your site. Will you be doing a poker directory? Will you be […]

Tips from Graeme for playing $1 + NL tables

One of the better players I played against at JohnWoodGaming was a guy named Graeme.  He has been kind enough to share with PokerMoments some of his thoughts about playing no-limit, $1 poker.   Thanks! 

Book Review: “Bringing Down the House”

Here’s a good book for gambling fans – perhaps even as a stocking stuffer for your fellow gambling fans… “Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions,” by Ben Mezrich.  It’s an exciting read, and gives you some sense from the “inside” of card counting, Vegas and […]

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