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Sam Farha busts amateur Oliver Hudson

Phil Ivey Clone

Texas Holdem – Play by the numbers

I was like Lois Lane

I had a weird epistemic thing happen to me on Wednesday as I was coming home from a night of watching my friend play poker at the Borgata in Atlantic City.  As you probably are aware, it’s possible to know an individual under two different descriptions and not realize that the two descriptions pick out the same […]

Poker retorts – PMS?

After I could no longer play for real money at Hold’em Poker, because of their response to the recent anti-gambling legislation, I decided to return to an old haunt, Dream Poker, a site that PokerMoments is an affiliate of, and also a site at which I initially did well at with their $10 no-deposit bonus, but […]

Starting and Running a Poker Site

Let’s be honest. Poker sites can be profitable. The big question for those of you just starting a poker site is how to get to that place where your site is generating a nice profit. This is meant to be an introductory guide to help you get there. The emphasis in this article is going […]

Ever LIE About Your Poker Playing??

Here’s a single question to see if you have problematic gambling or a gambling disorder… Ready?     Answer honestly, ok?     Remember, you’re online… anonymous…. not trying to calm down your partner about all those hours you’ve been gambling…  So be truthful…     Question:  Have you lied to famliy members about your gambling?? […]

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