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PokerMoments Interview with Professional Poker Player Jennifer Brown, aka The Poker Bitch – Part 1

I was at Ceasars in Vegas in May (my first experience playing Texas Hold’em (lost $63 at a $4/8 limit game)), and my good friend Milton introduced me to a friend of his named Jennifer Brown, who happens to be a professional poker player. Jennifer was in Sin City to play in the The Ladies International […]

Bad News and Good News

I just got an email from Hold’em Poker, the online poker room that I’ve been playing at and enjoying for the last couple of months, and it informed me that due to the recent anti-gambling bill, on November 6th, I won’t be allowed to play for real money any more.  Bummer.   Hold’em has been a good site […]

Legislating Morality

It is my view that Government must sometimes legislate morality. But understanding why this is the case and how it should be limited is no easy matter. A government for the people must protect the society that it serves. In other words, government must create laws that preserve the society for which it exists. But […]

Playing, Winning, Losing, and Learning Hold’em at Hold’em Poker

I had a good day yesterday at Hold’em Poker.  In fact, it was the best day I had ever had online in non-tournament play.  I won about $55.  I’ve been playing primarily at Hold’em Poker.  My old haunt, JonWoodGaming, the only other poker room in which I have money, has a number of virtues that I’ve discussed in prior posts, […]

The Online Gambling Ban & The Upcoming American Election

In my view, the upcoming 2006 election will move America towards the center. The moderates in the country will issue a referendum against the Republicans, making it clear that we won’t tolerate right-wing extremism. In the 2004 election, the Republicans, and Mr. Bush, claimed to have received political capital from the public. Well, they’ve overspent […]

Etu Bushe

I just read in The American Thinker that our current President Bush was an “avid and skillful” poker player when he was an MBA student.  Yet on Friday he signed the port security bill that is attached to a measure that attempts to prevent Americans from taking part in electronic gambling transactions, and hence preventing Americans from playing […]

A Little Poker Humor

Well, we’ve had some serious blog entries lately… misogyny, the end of online gambling, etc.  So how about a something a little more lighthearted??? Why couldn’t the sesame seed leave the casino? ….. ….. ….. A: He was on a roll. What’s the difference between a poker player and a dog? ….. ….. ….. ….. A: […]

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