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Poker Moments is building one of the premier poker directories on the internet. We encourage you to consider submitting your site to our directory for consideration. For a limited time, a placement in our directory only costs $24.99. This is a permanent link that is only conditional on your site retaining its relevancy and quality. […]

When It Rains It Pours at JonWoodGaming

Today was not a good day at JonWoodGaming.  I started the day with around $70 in my account, $5 of which was given last night by the owner of the site to me and all the players who have signed up with JWG.  Thanks again Jon, but I’m afraid I haven’t used this money wisely, because I now have about $10 left […]

Yikes – I didn’t have a good night at Hold’em Poker

In my last post I was bragging about what a fine player I was becoming.  I thought that I had turned a corner, that I knew how to avoid quick defeats, that I was finally able to consistently win at the $.1/.1 no-limit tables.  Well, tonight I had a rude awakening at Hold’em Poker.  I […]

Is Your Gambling Actually Due to the New Medication You’re Taking??

Do you have Parkinson’s Disease?  Do you have Restless Leg Syndrome?  If so, then maybe it’s your medication that’s making you gamble so much (rather than your pathetic lack of willpower, etc. 🙂 A doctor at the Mayo Clinic who treats patients with Parkinson’s began to notice that some of her patients were reporting that they’d suddenly […]

From $5 to $564 – Am I turning into a poker shark?

I’ve won $564!!!  You heard me.  $564!!!!  And it all started with a measly $5 no-deposit bonus at JonWoodGaming. I didn’t win all of the $564 at JWG.  $464 was won at JWG, and as I’ve explained in a previous post much of this money – I would estimate about half – was won because there was […]

Small Pairs

Withdrawing Cash from JonWoodGaming: I Can Finally Say “I’m a Winner”

I had my doubts about whether I was ever going to do it.  But I did it.  I actually cashed out money from JonWoodGaming. $300 to be precise.  How sweet it is. Not all of what I cashed out was winnings, however, since withdrawing money at JWG required that I deposit $25 and then play 4x this […]

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