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A Problem With My Analysis of Luck in Hold’em

In one of my previous posts I tried to explain what it means to say that you’re lucky in a hand of Hold’em.  I explained this idea in terms of the following conditions, which I thought were individually necessary and jointly sufficient: (1) You have to win the hand. (2) Your odds of winning the hand at each round […]

Playing Hold’em for the First Time at Harrahs in Atlantic City – And I Won!!!

This past week I was vacationing in Cape May Point.  My uncle and aunt have this beautiful house there and every year they generously offer it to me and my immediate family for a week of relaxation.   Despite some typical family bickering (I get the worst letters in Scrabble!) we had a very nice time.   Many thanks to […]

Easy Come – Easy Go: Don’t Play Poker When You’re Trying to Get Even

Yesterday, I had an unbelievable day at  JonWoodGaming.  I won $35 at there only $.05/.1 no limit table.  This kind of victorious day in online poker is unprecedented for me.  My success started when I drew an Ace high straight.  There were two queens in the community cards and the remaining two other players were betting strong.  Turns […]

Poker and Philosophy: “Jewish Philosophy Wins the Pot: How Stu Ungar and Emmanuel Levinas Corralled the Texans”

Last month I received a collection of essays edited by Eric Bronson called “Poker and Philosophy: Pocket Rockets and Philosoper Kings.” I requested the book from the publisher Open Court and promised that I would give a review of it on this site.  Here is the first entry of this review.  There should be many […]

LTD Poker is a Scam

I have lost my patience with LTD Poker. I thought I was going to get a $50 bonus from them for signing up with Noble Poker, as indicated on their website. However, after about a month of waiting I have received nothing, nada, zilch. I would get replies to my email querries, initially indicating that […]

Should Poker Sites Have an Addiction Warning???

WOW!  I was surprised by some statistics in a recent medical journal article, “Internet Gambling: an Emerging Concern in Family Practice Medicine.”  (And sort of surprised that internet gambling has hit the mainstream of academic medicine so soon… but maybe I’m just behind of how big a problem internet gambling addiction is!) Here’s what they […]

JohnWoodGaming is no PitBull Poker

Yesterday, I found a promotion at UnitedPokerForum (one of my favorite places for poker promotions) to play with $5 (no deposit) at a flash online poker room called JohnWoodGaming.  Due to some good luck, I turned this $5 into over $25 in about 4 hours, and was under the impression that I could cash out, as […]

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