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Sad Poker Story: Clicking the Wrong Button

I want to scream!!!!  I was playing $0.01/.02 no limit hold’em at 770 Poker, a French online poker room, because they gave me $5 for free (no deposit) for signing up.  I had started off poorly and was down to less than a dollar when I amazingly turned things around due to extremely tight play.  After a […]

Knocked Out at i4: My Sandbagging Days are Over

Gone.  All gone.  I no longer have any money in my account at i4 Poker.  So sad. i4 started me with 5 free pounds (equivalent to about 8 dollars).  I didn’t have to make a deposit, just signed up and in about 5 days they sent in the mail (not email) a code to get […]

Still Puzzled About What ADDICTION Is?

In response to my post yesterday about medication eventually helping people with addictions, Suber questioned what exactly addiction is.  My reply… Addictive behavior can be looked at in many ways. Taking Suber’s example of obesity, there may be a problem with motivation (not exercising), decision making (eating more, despite health problems), pleasure seeking (not being satisfied with healthy […]

A Little Pill and You’re a Casual Online Poker-Player Again???

Will a little pill someday take care of your poker addiction? Researchers are trying to make that possibility come true. “Addiction, whether to alcohol, drugs, or gambling, is a disorder of motivation, decision making, pleasure seeking, inhibitory control, and the way we learn and consolidate information and experiences,” says NY Times Magazine writer B. Denizet-Lewis […]

Smart reply against banning online poker

Isn’t it interesting that once something is in your head, you start to see references everywhere! Well, I don’t play poker, but am a “poker widow,” so I’m now somewhat alert to references to poker. I, myself, have no particular thoughts about if online poker should be banned or not. However, remember the story about the college […]

Day 4 at i4 – Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Lost again! I played for about a 1/2 hour and didn’t win a single hand, not one.  Besides calling a few preflop hands that I should have folded on, and playing a few hands a bit too conservatively, I don’t think I made any horrible calls.  It is very frustrating.  After losing early yesterday, I spent much […]

3-Day Losing Streak at i4 Poker

So it’s day three of my new conservative approach to limit hold’em at i4 Poker.  Each time I play I start with only a little bit of money and if I lose it, I’m done for the day.  No reloading. I can’t yet say that it’s a winning approach, as I have lost each day.  […]

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