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My First Straight Flush at Poker.com

Things were looking bleak at Poker.com.  The first table I joined was no limit with $0.15/.25 blinds.  I lost $25 pretty quickly.  There was this guy at the table named Saril from France (I think it was a guy).  Anyway, I noticed that near his name there was an icon of a trophy.  Apparently, he […]

I Love Poker

Many people claim that they love playing poker – and it is a preference that I have no problem with. Poker may probably be one of the most cerebral and most challenging card games in existence and definitely the most exciting game in a casino or online gambling site. I also love playing poker and […]

The Dream Is Almost Over

Well, after being up $60 (including the $10 for signing up with no deposit) at Dream Poker, I lost it all in about 10 hours.  I could have cashed all that money out.  But nooooo, I had to keep on playing, or should I say losing.  Even if I were up a thousand dollars I […]

A Poker Dream At Dream Poker

I signed up at Dream Poker today after my ignominious fall at PitBull.  At Dream Poker you get $10 for free and they don’t require a deposit.  The only hassle with the deal is that you do need to give them a credit or debit card number.    I’m not yet in love with the Dream Poker software.  The graphics at the tables are […]

PitBull Poker – My Quick Collapse

Things were going well for a while, and then last night after a marathon session of poker (I definitely have addictive tendencies) my poker fate took a lightning speed turn for the worse.  I lost all my winnings (around $65) from PitBull Poker (they gave me $10 for free for just signing  up and they made this […]

PitBullPoker – Free $10, No Deposit Required

Free poker money, no deposit required.  6 wonderful words that I constantly put in my search engine. Yesterday I found the Flash online poker room PitBullPoker which gives $10 for free.  Of course, you have to play around 200 hours of poker to cash out, but it still beats play money.  Except for tournaments, I have only […]

What Does It Mean To Be Lucky In Hold’em?

Can a player be lucky in Hold’em if he is playing with skill?  I started thinking about this question after reading a couple of interesting posts by F-Train and ScurvyDog.  I’m not entirely clear what this question means, in part, because it’s not entirely clear to me what it means to be lucky in Hold’em.  […]

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