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A night of poker

Tonight I went out to an American Legion game with Ben (www.college-startup.com), and after being ripped off by a taxi driver who went quite the roundabout way to get to the legion, we played some poker. The game was a $40 freezeout (no rebuys), and after the taxi ride ($30) I was looking to climb […]

No respect … how I like it

Sometimes a table is just too juicy to leave – even if you’re starving! PartyPoker recently gave me $30 to play with online and I’ve been playing the $0.10/$0.25 NL ring games and doing well. I sat down at the table with $20 and my own ‘strategy.’ The idea I play ring games with is […]

Need some cajones late in tournaments

Last night I played in the weekly $10+rebuy game here at Ohio State and placed 3rd for $80, but I could’ve played a few hands later in the tournament much better. I played them too passively and it cost me a lot of chips. Four handed I could have pushed an opponent off of his […]

Are poker players whiners?

“The tendency to whining and complaining may be taken as the surest sign symptom of little souls and inferior intellects.” – Lord Jeffrey It’s about a month ago that I started playing poker online. And because I tend to throw myself at new challenges very enthusiastically, I tried to read as much as possible about […]

Some more cash game madness

I played our Monday night cash game last night and made another killing! This time I ended +$107, and I’d like to go over a few of the key hands in this Monday’s game. I may not be a Clark Gabel, but I think I played these hands … handsomely. Just like last week I […]

Unpredictabilities & Points for Style

“We have to sink or swim on shows that have energy, movement and unpredictability.” – Tom Bergeron During the last couple of weeks, I’ve spent many hours on reading strategies, tactics, counter-tactics and so on and on and on… One of the many lessons that stuck to my mind, though, was about making crazy, unpredictable […]

Weak competition = high profit

With my reintroduction to online poker I went as far up at $115 and as far down as $6. The $115 was last night, the $6 this morning, and now I’m sitting pretty at $69. As I said earlier I played a $5 sit and go and made $50 early, then had a nice run […]

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