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What could he have?

During a live tournament recently I was involved in a hand after the rebuy period was over. I had somewhere near $15,000 chips, and the average was probably closer to $23,000. From the cutoff a ‘creative’ aggressive player opened for $1,600 with the blinds at $300-$600. I decided he could have a huge variety of […]

The benefits of bad players

I love retelling this one story from early on in my poker ‘career’. I had just turned 18 years old and was getting geared up to play in my first live tournament, a fund raiser for a local club basketball team. The buyin was either $50 or $60 with $25 rebuys. This was high stake […]

Getting paid back for playing

A lot of online sites nowadays offer some sort of payback program, usually with a system of ‘points’ or ‘crowns’. Pokerstars recently updated their system of FPP (Frequent Player Points) with new levels like Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum ‘stars.’ Each level increases your FPP intake, gives more options for spending your FPPs and can […]

No poker in Greece

The quarter is over and I’m off to Athens tomorrow at 6:30am, so I won’t be writing for this blog until at least Monday, March 25th. Hope everyone has a good break, I’ll leave you with a story about getting invited to play poker: “Online Poker – Get Invited” I was snooping around Pokerstars tournament […]

Record Keeping 101: Rerun

Two more finals to go – still on a break from poker, but for your reading pleasure… Any interview I’ve ever read with a ‘professional’ poker player (ie: Interview with new world champion Joe Hachem via Cardplayer) mentions record-keeping and how important it is. Hachem says in the interview with Mike Sexton: MS: Any messages […]

Charity event side games

Article written back in November 2005: My original intent in going to the charity poker tournament was to play in the side games they have after the first hour and people started getting knocked out. However, since Ben and I both made the final 6 I never had time to sit down and try my […]

Going for the repeat

Last night was the weekly Thursday game and I was going for a repeat victory. I was well on my way before busting in 5th place after taking some horrific beats, but I played really well and had a great chance to take down 1st place for $240. I was up to 13,000 after the […]

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