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Tells in online poker

I’ve seen a few posts about the differences of online poker and live poker and I was amused to see a lot of the posters say that it is much harder to read people in online poker, and that is the key difference. Well, in short, they’re completely wrong. If anything online poker strips poker […]

One mistake is all it takes

Any tournament poker player, even Norman Chad, will tell you that in NL holdem tournaments it only takes one small mistake to lose all your chips and be on the rail. I’d love to say that I’ve been playing long enough to recognize possible mistakes and avoid making them, but every tournament I lose I […]

I’m back from a well needed break

Hey all! I forgot to mention as it was pretty spur of the moment that I was heading home this past weekend, and since I never can remember what my login and password are for the blog I couldn’t update. I did however play a few of those 180-person $22 tournaments this weekend to get […]

Experiment 3 – Loose Passive

If I could take the two good things about the previous two styles it would be tight and aggressive … tight aggressive! If I took the other halves of the styles I’d have loose passive, and a waste of $5! I’m not going to much into the specific hands, but it was a lot of […]

A little experiment

In light of the fact that I’ll be taking science courses and labs for the rest of my college career (go Microbiology!) I have decided to design my own damn experiment and not some interpretation of QualScheme… Alright, glad I got that out: The experiment is a test on different playing styles. There are several […]

All about the structure

When you’re looking into tournaments to play, be it around town or around the internet, one of the most important thing to consider is the structure. The structure of a tournament are the groudrules, as in: starting chips, blinds levels, how often the blinds increase, number of players at a table, % paid out, etc. […]

Passive play kicked my ass

Earlier in a post I talked about how passive play isn’t always bad … well sometimes it is. Case in point, last night I played in my weekly $10+rebuy tournament here at Ohio State and I was in for $20, up to $12,000 from $3,000 during the first hour, then hovered at $14,000-$18,000 for the […]

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