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Building confidence

I’ve had some pretty nasty runs in poker for the past month and a half, from right about Christmas to now, and I know the only way to get out of a slump is to keep playing, I can’t keep getting beat like this forever, right?! Haha, so in an attempt to get some confidence […]

Popping the Bubble

Oftentimes the slowest and most grueling part of any tournament is the money bubble, where the next person out gets no money. The average Joe tightens up and plays very few hands, just trying not to be the guy who goes out on teh bubble, but what do good players do? They start playing hyper-aggressive […]

Leading into the raiser

All forms of poker involve ego, and the bigger the game the bigger the egos you’ll run into and this applies whether you play live or online at the big sites like www.pokerstars.co.uk . Big egos can generate a lot of respect and fear, but they can also be used against that person. If they […]

Poker in casinos

Last weekend I took a trip up to Windsor, Canada, right across the border from Detroit, to play some poker and have a good time. We got there around 11pm the first night and played poker until we were pretty delerious at 6am. My first table was perfect, very beatable and fun. I met two […]

Weekend trip

Sorry for not posting the last two days, my roommates and I traveled up to Windsor, Canada to visit the casino try out some poker and whatnot. The room in total was up money, but I wasn’t so fortunate, haha. We played $3/$6 limit in two seven-hour sessions in Windsor’s new Poker Place and had […]


Tonight was my roommates’ and my tournament here in our dorm. It’s a $10 + $5 rebuy + 1 $5 addon, and 37 people showed up to play, fishing over $670 between all of them. I bought in for the initial $10 and never had to rebuy, added on for $5 and was sitting pretty […]

Don’t let the donkey whip you

I just read the newest article over at pocketfives.com. It was written by pokerfox and talks about why bad players can beat you (the ‘good guy’, haha). Check out the article and take a look around the site. Pocketfives also has great reviews of online poker sites, a great card calculator, rankings of top online […]

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