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Celebs you might not know were Poker Players

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There are plenty of people across the globe who play Poker in their free time, some in their friend’s backroom, some at an online casino, and this love of the game extends even to the rich and famous. With the extra bankroll, it’s probably no surprise so many of them have gained a reputation as a player of note. Here are a few of the lesser known ones you may not have heard about.

Aaron Paul – Yep, Jesse from Breaking Bad is also a keen Poker Player. He competed in the PokerStars Championship Bahamas and put in a solid showing and a great performance. He didn’t end up winning, busting out on Day 2, but he gave an impressive performance and exemplified the crossover of skills actors and poker players have.

Ian Flemming – Might not be much of a surprise given his most famous character is the star of Casino Royale but the game in the book was Baccarat and the character is also known for having a Roulette strategy he stuck to. Flemming was a fan of poker but confessed to not being very good at it since he had too much of a preference for smoking and drinking to ever be good at the game.

Michael Phelps – We’ll abstain from making any fish jokes, because the Olympic swimmer is apparently a pretty skilled player! He placed 3rd at a tournament he took part in at the Aria Resort and casino and, while he’s unlikely to become more famous for playing poker than he is for being an exceptional swimmer, he’s starting to make a name for himself. Read more

The Best Virtual Reality Slot Games

Virtual reality has been a buzzword for many years now, and it’s only recently finally started to crawl out of the woodwork. It’s been implemented into many different sectors from video games, education, advertising and even the gambling industry. With the next generation of consoles on their way this year, and the bar for new tech being set insanely high, we take a look at some of the best Virtual Reality Slot machines, and show you which ones you should definitely check out this year.

The VR Casino from Slot Millions is one of the first of its kind, letting you explore a fully equipped virtual reality casino from the comfort of your own home. It can be played using the incredible oculus rift, your home desktop or simply just your keyboard, similar to most video games. Within this awesome virtual world, you can try well over 40 different games from different developers, all within one casino. Incredible technology, allowing you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the casino, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Resorts World Vegas

In a vast and successful location such as Las Vegas, it seems almost impossible for businesses and corporations to get any bigger or better, but this is all about to change, with the news of the incredible Resorts World, the multibillion dollar mega resort owned by Malaysian conglomerate, the Genting Group. The project is estimated to cost an eye watering $4,000,000,000, and is said to consist of a huge array of activities and facilities, including–

• 4 hotel towers with a total of 6,583 hotel rooms
• 175,000-square-foot (16,300 m2) casino
• 4,000-seat theatre
• Retail, dining and convention space
• Rooftop sky park and observation deck
• Aquarium
• Cinema
• Ice skating rink
• Bowling alley
• Indoor water park
• Panda exhibit

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The project was initially set to be finished and opened in 2016, but was eventually pushed back to 2020 due to countless setbacks including the difficult construction logistics of the project, as well as falling currency, decreasing the company’s overall purchasing power across the globe. However, almost overnight the project bounced back after a quiet spell with a new opening date, and an increase in PR exposure due to the announcement of new President Edward Farrell. With more than 30 years of experience in the casino industry, Farrell began his career at MGM Reno, and has held various leadership positions in both finance and operations, including a position as the regional Vice President of Finance at Harrah’s Entertainment, CFO and President at Resorts World New York City and as President at Resorts World Bimini.

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Online gaming is big business these days and as a customer the diverse range of choice out there is incredible. The whole online gambling and gaming communities have rapidly evolved thanks to mobile-based gaming which has seen a number of well established high street brands, and indeed popular industry newcomers, launch exciting new casino-related gaming opportunities for both the online and mobile markets. In fact there is a myriad of amazing gaming operators out there all vying to provide their online customer base with all the latest and greatest games and special offers.

playcosmo.com is one such site that is always keen to provide its online patrons with a great selection of virtual casino games as well as appealing offers and promotions for both new and existing players.

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How do Casinos Catch Card Counters?

The art of card counting has been featured in countless films, series and documentaries, and is a strategy usually used for casino games to determine whether or not the next available hand is likely to give a more probable advantage to either the player or the dealer. The act itself isn’t illegal anywhere, as it can simply be seen as a tactic used by incredibly skillful players, however applications and devices used to count cards are generally illegal in most places. Although no laws are technically broken whilst counting cards, Casinos are well within their rights to ban players and keep track of those who do take part in card counting.

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A Little Superstitious

Whether we admit it or not, we all feel a little superstitious, whether we’re picking up pennies, throwing salt over our shoulders or not crossing on the stairs. Old wives tales they may be, but one Glaswegian Bingo Hall has taken this to new heights. The Scottish Mecca Bingo Hall is testing the truth behind these old myths by bringing in a pair of lucky black cats to bring its players good fortune! Whether it helps or not is yet to be seen, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the strangest and most interesting good luck charms in history.

Four Leaf Clover

One of the most common and well used symbols for good luck, the four leaf clover is commonly tied to Irish history, and has been used for everything from Cereal Boxes, Sports logos and even tattoos. The four-leaf clover is a fairly uncommon variant of the more commonly found three-leaf clover. According to tradition, these clovers bring good fortune as each leaf is believed to represent something: the first is for faith, the second is for hope, the third is for love, and the fourth is for luck.

The Number Eight

It is said that the number 8 is lucky in China, and many eastern countries due to the word’s similarity in pronunciation to the word for wealth or fortune. The popularity of the number was clear during the Beijing Olympics, which began at 8.08pm on August 8th, 2008. One Chinese driver spent over £100,000 on a unique licence plate with the 5 number 8’s on it, only to be pulled over 8 times on his first day of ownership because Police kept assuming it was a fake!

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A Beginners’ Guide to Online Poker: How to Hit the Ground Running

If you are new to the world of online poker, one thing that you can be sure is that you are not alone. Whether you have experience of the game and its numerous formats in an offline environment or are new to gambling as a whole, the online poker market is well-populated with beginners who are looking to simultaneously build experience and hone their skills.

A Beginners’ Guide to Online Poker: 5 Tips to Help you on Your Way

With this in mind, there is a huge demand for practical information and tips that can help online poker players to thrive in an unfamiliar and enduringly popular marketplace. Here are five that you help you on your way as an online poker novice: –

  1. Practice before you Play for Real Money

Let’s start with the basics, as it is important that you practice and embark on a period of learning before you wager your real and hard-earned cash in an online poker room. Even if you have practised on an individual basis and absorbed as much knowledge as possible, there is a pressing need experience a competitive, real-time playing market before making a financial commitment.

Fortunately, there are community rooms, outlets and sites where you can hone your skills and play for free, as you test your skills in a risk-free and friendly environment. The free-to-play video poker games at Red Flush Casino for example offer first-hand exposure to a range of different formats giving you experience before you put your cash on the table.

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